Friday, July 2, 2010

No-Sew 10 min Doily Top tutorial!

A tank top refashion in less than 10 minutes
that doesn't involve any sewing at all???

Of course!

It's so quick and easy, how could you not?

(Happy birthday to my beautiful sister!! Isn't she so cute?!)

This fancy little tank remodel makes the perfect homemade gift and takes just 10 minutes. But that's not even the best part of all, it's almost mess free to make and simple enough that Sienna helped me make the entire thing for her Aunt Dani's birthday present!

Here's what you need:
  • Any tank top new or old
  • Any shaped doily (I got this one from my grandma's junk drawer, but they sell them at the Dollar Store for well... $1)
  • An iron
  • Optional button or pin for the center
  • TOP SECRET NO-SEW AGENT- Magic poly web adhesive!! (I used the left over scraps from my Ikea curtains, but they sell this wonderful stuff at any Michaels, Walmart etc for a few bucks. Did I mention it's wonderful?)

Step 1
Press the doily in half so that it's nice and flat

Step 2
Fold the doily over the front of the tank so that one half of the doily is in the front and the other in the back.

Step 3
Carefully clip off any extra edges that don't lay flat on the neckline.

This might not be necessary, but depending on the type of doily you used you can dab a little Fray Blocker on the edges that you cut to prevent fraying. I didn't have to with mine, because I was able to clip along the string.

Step 4
Cut strips of the poly web adhesive to the length of the doily and carefully place between the doily and tank top.
Use one for each side on the front and back.

Depending on the shape of the doily, you can also add small pieces to the center and bottom.
A little of this stuff goes a long way.

Step 5
Set the adhesive by applying direct heat with an iron for a few seconds.

Don't forget to repeat for the inside of the tank top too.

Step 6
Add a little button or pin to the center...

...or just leave it as is!

And that's all there is to it!!!

Simple. Fancy. Lovely.

Did you try it?

Let me know in a comment or email. I'd love to see pictures and I might even show them off in a little post :)


  1. Love this idea. I may just have to try it with my $1 Doily!

  2. I will try this. Very cute! Danny you look great. I didn't know they sell cloth doilies at the dollar store. Hmmm I might use a tea napkin, ideas flowing!

  3. Love this. you really should link up to my Upcycling linky party.

  4. So easy! Thanks! I hope you'll link to Make It Wear It today at

  5. That is SO CUTE! Thanks for the fun idea- we wear lots of tank tops in Texas :)

  6. How simple but elegant! I'll have to make this one myself soon.

  7. Sad that the last comment is from me back in July saying I'd be making these soon. Well, here I am over two months later *finally* done with mine. Thanks for the great tutorial! I love how mine turned out:

  8. Such an excellent diy tutorial. Thanks for share.


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