Saturday, July 16, 2011

Make the cut!

It's so sad to see those soft baby locks go...

if when you have photographed evidence that the time has come like this...

Clearly I have a history of waiting just a tad too long to make that infamous first cut

See what I mean??

Don't believe me?

Well go on then... refresh your memory with this rag muffin's before shots!?

Everyone loves to say "Look at all that hair!! Oh just you wait, that hair'll fall out before you know it"


Not with my little hair balls.

It just grows and grows until Mom takes matters into her own hands.

Which sometimes has turned out pretty stylin'

And other times...

Yeah, I know Sweetheart, I'd have a pouty face if my mom cut my bangs like that too...

She got used to it.. which is a good thing, because we're still growing out those few months of Audry Hepburn baby bangs.... 2 years later... esh...

Understandably, I was determined to get things right with my third little birdie!

Which is why for his 3 month birthday weekend, this little piggy went wee, wee, wee, wee all the way to the barber's bumbo!

As usual, he was such a good sport about it.

He just quietly sat in the Bumbo happily drooling while I pretended to finally know what I was doing this time

But when I said "ALL DONE!!"

I think he was still a little dubious....

"Are you sure I don't look silly??"

After all he had seen pictures of my first 2 victims

Don't worry little guy!

Once he caught a glimpse of his handsome mug he was all smiles!

Cheeky cheeky cheeks!!!

Yes, baby boy, your new style makes your cheeks look even fatter!

And to this Mommy says mission accomplished!
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