Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Come help me on the hunt!

To find me?!

No, but I can understand why you might think it's for me since I've been a little MIA these days with the move and the baby and the reason for this hunt...
but no... for now, this hunt isn't for me.

To find my kids lost in the endless stack of boxes?

Closer... but no... they leave a trail of crumbs and noise to help with that!

For a new camera??

Pictures from here



That and my belly is so darn big that I just can't sleep no matter what, so I might as well be too excited for it!

Our camera (tear) started slowly breaking a while ago and I was actually promised a new one for my birthday in Feb, but with the move and the baby and ___(insert)___ whatever else excuse we decided that we shouldn't spend the money just now.

I pretended to agree, but in my heart of hearts I just knew that a camera was in my destiny sooner rather than later :)

So the big question-


Quick, quick, send me your comments, fill my inbox, tell me please so we can't order away before we find another reason to wait!!!

Do I have to bribe you with pictures of the new baby when he arrives any week now?!

I promise, no old point and shots were intentionally broken or harmed in this pursuit. All fatalities were the result of natural causes.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Growing babies and heading north

Hello there little guy!

I can feel you kick, kick, kickin' away in there all day!

My other two pregnancies were spent anxiously impatiently awaiting the arrival of a new bundle, but this time around I have to admit I've been a teensy bit distracted....

Before we could announce IT'S A BOY!

Or even, boy, oh boy, am I really going to have 2 boys?!

Daddy got offered a new job in Portland and the next thing we knew I felt like I couldn't even find my belly bump over the pile of boxes!

So I thought now that we've arrived (at long last) to our new home in the Northwest it's about time I dedicated a little blogging to the little you growing inside

And just to show you how much we think about you we even packed a new suitcase just for you!

Ok my little man, now it's all up to you, so



We can't wait to love you so much more than we already do!!

And hey, seems like 32 weeks sure does fly when you've got a house to move, so I what do you know?!

I guess we'll be seeing you pretty soon....


Gorgeous photography courtesy of
Kiss The Camera, check out the amazing work Christine does in Scottsdale, AZ.
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