Subtle Me

Oooh helloooo! 

Welcome to my bloggy world!  

Jump into my magical place of motivation, creation and inspiration. My delightful outlet from mommy-ing and ventures with all things crafty, creative and usually quite functional too!  

Originally, Subtle Tee was my silly, no-one-but-my-own-mother-will-ever-read-this escape from the joys and oye!s of mommy-ing to brag share about my babies, the tiny sewing projects I come up with, and all the home improvement DIYs my husband and I are constantly doing.  Turns out that I really, really love it. In fact. I love everything about blogging... 

I love discovering new ideas.
I love learning to take pictures. 
I love writing.
I love meeting new people.
I love reading other blogs.
I love making things.
I love remaking old things to look brand new.
I love feeling inspired again and again.
I love waking up in the middle of the night from a dream of the perfect new project.
I love the challenge of designing patterns. 
I love teaching myself how to sew.
And I love realizing that I'm actually getting so much better!
So it stuck. 
Gradually, my original vision quickly evolved until I soon found myself craving new projects, new anything just so I could write more. That's when I got the tingle. The tingle of inspiration from all those amazing fellow crafty mommy blogger sewers out there. So I decided to venture out from my hand-stitched appliques and teach myself how to use a sewing machine. The learning curve was steep, but finally I managed to sew my first "thing" ever this spring (2010), the Gardening Dress for my guinea pig daughter.  From there I've spent countless hours at the mercy of my veteran seamstress friends and fellow bloggers, trying to learn the ropes and all the while staying up until the wee hours of the morning sewing... and taking pictures... and seam ripping (a lot)... and re-sewing... and designing... and editing... and finally writing... and re-writing... you all know how it goes!
In spite of all the sleepless nights in frustration and confusion,  even at the cost of a significantly less organized and clean home, I couldn't get enough of this new world!  I know I've just begun, so please join me in this journey! Let's wash our hair, put on our Sunday best and craft/sew/create to impress!  

I'd love to hear from you and welcome any suggestions, ideas or comments you may have. Feel free to email me anytime at 

subtletee (at) ymail (dot) com 

Thanks again for stopping by!


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