Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quiet is bad

I never thought I'd say that!

But I'm learning quickly that no noise, means trouble with an almost 3 year old...


"Sienna... where are you?"

Little mouse like squeaks of noise in the kitchen

Grab the camera, who knows what you'll find in that kitchen!


"Sienna, what are you doing?!!"

"Mama, I just eating a snack"

Frantic searching around the kitchen for the rest of the unopened 16 oz crate of blackberries

"Sienna, where are all the blackberries that were in there?"

"um... I just put them in my tummy"


"Um, yes, I did it!!"

Mouth gasps open with blank gaze of disbelief.

How did you find them in there?? Geez, how long was I in the bathroom!??

"Sooorrr-reeey Mommy"

Surprisingly no stomach ache to teach her a lesson..

But what's even more surprising is that Mommy didn't learn her lesson about the quiet thing either, because a few days later I walked into my bedroom from doing the breakfast dishes to find this...

"Sienna, what are you two doing in Mommy's make up box?!"

"Um, I'm playing make ups nicely with Jonah and he likes it too!!"

Oye, I think I learned my lesson this time. Bring my camera when I'm going to catch my kids in trouble??
No, no, quiet is bad. Quiet is bad.

"You aren't supposed to play with Mommy's things. Let's get out of my room right now and play nicely with your toys!"

"Oh, and, uh let's just not tell Daddy that Jonah liked playing make ups too."

Needless to say these little darlings have been making it a difficult to sneak away for any quality sewing time lately! So I decided to use their momentary (if only that were true) mischievous streak to take my machine in for it's tune up.

So no sewing for me this week until my machine get's out of the shop, but I do have a really cute dress I made over Christmas to share.... soon :)

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