Sunday, December 18, 2011


Our life seems like a movie with a plot that thickens at every turn.

So grab some pop corn and a comfy seat as I try catching you up to speed on us being busy being busy!

I couldn't believe how long it's been since I last said hello, but it's good for you faithful followers to know that we're still here

We'll "here" is relative, because we haven't exactly stayed put anywhere this year.

Sometimes it takes moving away to know that you belong exactly where you were in the first place. Please tell me we're not the only one's who've learned that lesson the hard way?!

So we moved back.


6 months after we moved away.

Naturally this meant we spent many hours like this...

Don't worry! While this looks like an angry face... I'd rather think of it as a tired face... sometimes in kidland those go hand-in-hand and can easily be confused.

They didn't hate us for long. Especially when we stopped to visit cousins who made sure we didn't pack away our silly sides!

And we certainly didn't pack away our creativity...

I also want you to know that in the midst of packing boxes, lots of driving and job hunting our kids have definitely not stopped smiling and growing...

Or playing grown up for that matter...

And also acting grown up when we least expect it...

And surprisingly doing a much better job than I might have given her credit for

Except for a teensy evidence of one last bowl lick before the wash...

Thank goodness this went in the dishwasher just in case!

But rest assure, I'm still hanging in there!

Well... ok I'm not doing nearly enough of that, but we have been doing plenty of this

and even a little of this...

So you can understand why the sewing and crafting as been put aside for a wee bit... or at least the blogging about it! Like I could NOT do some sort of creative something for this long?!

Anyway, there's much to tell you all about, so bare with me as I'm trying really hard to find the right balance so that I can keep sharing about our crazy life while still having enough time left to enjoy the precious moments like this:

It's such a blessing to see your kids really love each other.

Siblings are the best!


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