Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Daniel tee

This is just a little something I have lion around!

This is probably my favorite applique I've done so far!! I LOVE how the lion turned out. I made it in a 9 month onsies thinking that I had too many in 6 months. Who would've thought it'd end up being my favorite and now I just cannot wait for it to fit Jonah!


  1. soo cute!!!!!!! it came out great!!!!!

  2. Did you use embroidery thread? Great main!! And you weren't a lion either when you said you've been busy. ;)

  3. Thanks! I did use embroidery thread for most of the stitching you see, but the mane is hand stitched with regular thread. I thought using any visible stitching would end up being the "main" attraction :)


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