Friday, June 4, 2010

In My Mother's Garage...

There are countless hidden treasures that have been forgotten intentions from the past. Ideas she once had, projects she meant to start or finish and complete start up supplies for hobbies she hoped to take on. All just sitting there waiting to be discovered and given a new home...

So... this week we finally did it. We rolled up our sleeves, hiked up our boots and boldly ventured into the depths of disaster, into the chaos of clutter, into the pit of one woman's junk to find our treasure.

We went into my mother's garage.

Because flash photography was prohibited inside due to the sensitivity of possible archeological finds, ok fine, it was mostly just because of my poor mom's pure embarrassment she didn't want me to share with the world just what a pack rat she is... but let me tell you, I don't think it's a secret.

Anyway, even though I was forbidden to take pictures of the great conglomeration I was given special permission due to my utter excitement to show you pictures of some of the amazing new toys that I got to take home!!

In order of increasing excitement....

Score #1- A rottary cutter, new blade and mini mat (I went to JoAnn's last night to see about getting a big one and almost fell over when I saw how expensive they were. No wonder she only had the mini one! I think this will do for now).

Score #2- A bunch of new needles, a fancy schmancy seam ripper and a box of flagged pins.

Score #3- Boxes and boxes of old fabric (too much to show) and... are you as excited as I am??

Fabric pencils!!! Love at first sight! Sorry Mr. Chalk, you might have to go...

Score #4- Old wooden spools! Perfect for a special Christmas project I have in mind, but you'll have to wait for that.... these puppies are hard to find!

Last, but not least....eeeee! I'm almost too happy to type!

Score of all score...


It may be old and it may be a nightmare to thread, but it's mine and it will be loved.


I know, I think I said that already, but can you blame me?

Thank you to my dear mother for never throwing anything away :)


  1. nice! jealous of that serger! :)

  2. It's so funny you say that, because I can't decide what I want more right now- a camera like yours or a serger!

    Too bad we couldn't just share :)

  3. I love the wooden spool picture. Ready or not here we come rolled hem with a serger!


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