Monday, June 21, 2010

Once upon a Father's Day Camping Trip

In the sweltering land of a very hot sun,
there once lived a brave Daddy
who was second to none!

When it came time to celebrate his duty as dad
there was just one thing he wanted
and for this he knew his family'd be glad

On Father's day weekend he said with a sneer
I have one simple request:

Let's all get out of here!

So they fled in a hurry to the far away land...

...that is in a relative hurry
for somethings you simply can't plan

(she'll hate us for this one day I'm sure)

A few potty breaks later the family arrived
to gulp in fresh air
and be where they thrived!

In no time at all both Father and Son

were sent on a wood hunt
before dinner begun

Two courageous scavengers returned slightly misunderstood
as they dragged behind them
more than just a little wood!

Excited and fearless she ran to go help

as her nervous mother
called out with a yelp!

No sooner they heard her and saw her dropped jaw

in the hand of her baby
was a big yellow saw!!

"Not to worry!" he called out as he laughed with glee
"No fatherly hero would ever allow

her to saw down a tree" (yet I'm sure...)

Even still the mother thought better of it
and safely occupied her curious children
as they put up a fit

After exploring for birds, bugs and little white bunnies
the family started to notice
hunger rumbling in their empty tummies

So hot dogs they ate by the fire that night
and after a long day of traveling

both kids slept without a fight

Father's Day morning arrived with a chill in the air
that Mother and daughter
weren't quite ready to bare

Staying safe and warm all tucked in their beds
they snuggled and giggled
until the smell of oatmeal filled their sweet heads

They ate their breakfast in scrumptious delight
everything about this trip
had happened just right!

Thank you to Daddy for our breakfast and more

we love you so dearly
you're the best we could ever ask for!


  1. Very Cute Jess, I love the picture of Kevin holding Jonah where the sun is gleaming in the back. I want to go camping so bad! We are thinking of trying to do when we get back from Hawaii. Where did you guys go? Also, did you really take the potty along and stop on the side of the road for her. Awesome!

  2. Thanks Mary!! We'd love to go camping anytime you guys want some company :) We went just north of Payson.

    Yes, we seriously did take that potty and thank goodness, because we had to stop several times!!! There just isn't much between here and there and I refused to put diapers back on her during the day :)


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