Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Fairy Princess Ballerina Refashion

There once was a little girl who loved to read princess books with her Daddy. She thought everyone with long or fluffy skirts must be princesses. She wanted nothing more than to be one too.

We told her that she was already our little princess, but that simply would not do!

Then one day just like that a special delivery from Le Top USA arrived
full of some slightly damaged costumes including a very special fairy ballerina dress.

Just what we need!!

With a little love and crafty magic Princess Mommy (not queen, because that sounds too old) transformed the broken zipper and waaay-too-hot-for-Arizona long sleeves into this beautiful dress-up gown.

Really, all I did was cut off the long sleeves and rip out the busted zipper.

The zipper was the tricky part, because I ended up having to cut some of the collar to get the zipper out and then had to re-hem it again.

I used the old ribbon from the front to make a lace up back to replace the zipper closure.

Don't you love when you stumble upon something brilliant by accident? That was definitely how the wonderfully princessy and also very functional back lace up on this was for me!

I didn't know where I was going with it at first, but I picked the lace up to try to reuse as much material as possible, but it turned out to be the best part because it is easy for her to put on and off herself, and allows for some extra room to grow!

And dance...

And twirl....

And run...

All things that fairy princesses named Sienna simply must do!

Last, but not least, what would a fairy princess ballerina be without a wand??

Not very fairy at all, so I whipped up a little wand out of pink lace ribbon, a felt rose, a few pipe cleaners and a chop stick. Not my best wand, but nap time was almost over.

Luckily, she really love it!

Now, let's just hope she doesn't turn her little brother into a frog...


  1. I vote to name Sienna Subtle Tees Perpetual Princess, after all she is behind some of the Queen's inspirations!

  2. This Blog is interesting and pictures of the tees are looking so............ nice. Funny tees


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