Friday, July 9, 2010

It smashes...

A few days after discovering this we got home from a playdate to find this:



Just Daddy making a mess, so he can fix it

And very lucky for Mommy, he does a pretty incredible job of cleaning up that mess...

Because taking out wall insulation can be a really big one that you just don't want to stumble upon with curious toddlers in the house...

Sienna is so excited that Daddy is building a new "showller" for her!

And so is Mommy, but she really wishes Sienna could remember to go to Mommy's bathroom right away when she has to go pee pee and poo poo since her potty is currently on the side of the house and the distance from where her former potty was to Mommy's potty is a loooooong way in land of

"WAIT! You're potty is not there right now! Don't-go-yet!"

Deconstruction of a recently potty trained 2 1/2 year old's bathroom was not the best timing....!!

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