Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A park date in a quillow pack

When it's not hot enough to melt your shoes to the sidewalk our favorite playdate is a picnic in the park with our friends.

Swings, slides, fresh air, green grass, sand pits, splash pads, food all over the ground that you don't have to mop up.... what couldn't be wonderful about this?

The packing.

The ridiculous, you'd-think-we-were-packing-up-our-house-and-moving-to-the-park amount of stuff you have to tote along with you for a morning of fun. Sack lunches, water bottles, sun screen, hats, glasses, sand toys, picnic blanket, swim suit, towel, diapers, wipes, stroller, your sanity...

(Look at our stroller! I was lucky to have enough room for at least one kid.)

Even the most skilled husband car packer would never be able to squeeze, pile, shove all that stuff onto my cargo ship of a double jogging stroller. I feel like a Dr. Seuss book waiting to happen as I clench my teeth around my car keys and try to juggle a parade of park gear and children from the car to a shady spot to set up camp, I mean our blanket.

The solution:

My remix of the "quillow" have you heard of those? Quilts that fold into a pillow pouch? Maybe we were the only really cool kids whose mom made us take those to sleep overs.... well, this version of the quillow is more than just any ordinary quilt that becomes a pillow....

I prefer to think of this bad boy as a special, top secret sack pack with a hidden identity!

At first glance it's a normal sling back pack, but as you unload and unfold you see it magically transforms into a picnic blanket!

And right back into your secret pack by simply folding across in thirds like so

And then again in thirds vertically until you neatly tuck the blanket inside the pack......flip right side out and...


Now it's a sack pack all over again!

Now fill 'er up with all those sand toys, sunscreen, sanity and more!


Now that is what I call a walk in the park!

What do you think?
Will share a tutorial for comments!!! (hehe, I'm so sneaky!)


  1. Love it! I've seen similar items for sale, but never thougt of making one. Great job! I'd love a tutorial!

  2. So smart! I've seen the quillow idea and even thought of making one, but never thought of turning it into a bag as well! I'd love to see how you did it!=)

  3. tutorial! tutorial! tutorial!


  4. well, you got me! I want a tutorial :) Love to see the pics of you guys :) Very cute

  5. I love it! It's been awhile since you've posted this, is there an expiration for the tutorial? I have been looking for something like this for awhile and would LOVE a tutorial! :-)

  6. I know I'm late to jump on the band wagon but I have been searching for the perfect quillow pattern for my granddaughter - I wanted something for blanket BUT needed something for her book / with crocheted animals I made her to all go together on road trips - so fingers crossed you will send me tutorial 😊💕 - thank you in advance !!

  7. Tutorrialllll por favor...


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