Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm back....

In more ways than one!

After my near boxing match with my unruly sewing machine last week I decided we needed a little time apart. Now we all know how hard it can be to keep lovers apart under the same roof, which is why I was even more excited to steal away from my love, er I mean sewing machine, on a little family road trip to surprise my other mother for her.....

(gasp) 60th birthday!!

I had to throw in this picture, because I just can't believe that she is 60 or as we liked to say 18 with 42 years experience (wink, wink).

Doesn't she look wonderful!?

Please let me have her genes, please let me have her genes

She was shocked to say the least to see us there and that her equally wonderful husband managed to put together an enormous birthday bash in her honor without her having the slightest idea what was happening!

The entire trip went over without a hitch and we had so much fun visiting family and especially relaxing at the beach!
I can't say who was happier with our ocean side escape, Mommy and Daddy soaking up the sun or Jonah getting more than his fill of eating playing in the sand.

As for Sienna, well, she was a little troubled to realize that brothers will likely knock over and possibly eat her sand castles for the rest of her life.

Fortunately, there's no shortage of building material for sand castles and mischievous as he may be, he is just frankly too cute to stay mad at for long!

Unlike our last road trip where the world mainly our children were against us, the kids were absolute car sleeping angels for most of the trip.

I wish I knew what we did right!

But maybe it wasn't us at all... maybe it's just that it's impossible to complain when you're getting spoiled by great-grandmas who love playing dress up as much as you do...
Or when you have crazy, out-of-their-right-mind parents who let you ride the dirty, middle-of-no-where gas station race car rides just because you said please.
They sure do look cute, but I must have really been day-dreaming about new patterns and designs to ignore the nagging germaphobia in the back of my mind. But it was all worth it in the end! Not just because we had a great time, but mostly because I can't wait to show you all the fun new ideas I came up with on the road!!!

Stay tuned....

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  1. Wow 60?! Is it possible that she really let you post that?! Our Barbie is all grown up and still has her kitties....oy sha moy sha!


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