Monday, August 30, 2010

Formally known as the bathroom remodel now our fancy new bathroom!Ok, maybe fancy is relative here, but I assure you few elmo faucet protectors have ever seen such labors of love.

Sienna is also quite proud of

"my bathroom Daddy made Sienna"

and demanded that wanted her stool to be in this picture. It's the wrong green, but hey, it's a small request for a recent potty trainee who had to relearn where to use the potty just when she thought she had it figured out during our month (yikes) of construction time....

I know I promised an unveiling on Friday, but at the last minute we decided to put molding around the window and order new blinds for it. So we spent Friday and part of Saturday rushing to wrap that up too. I guess when you're on a roll you might as well keep on!

I forgot to mention after the tiling how to that you need to caulk around the shower when you're finished as you can see in that pretty white line around the tub.

We used a premium waterproof silicone kitchen, bathroom and plumbing caulk between the tub and the shower. We used an all purpose waterproof caulk along the edge of the shower and the wall. I hate to admit this, but I think these double shelves alone make this shower ten times better than our master bath!

Hi Elmo!

I also really love the rain shower in this bathroom. It has just the right amount of pressure and position. Yup, we both keep showering in here instead of ours... maybe it's just new :)

So there she be!

Our new guest bathroom.


  1. Looks Great! Kudos to Kevin... well, and you too I guess.

  2. gorgeous! i love dark cabinets in bathrooms-that's what we're going to do in our master bath-you know, whenever we get around to that. ;) Anyways-it looks great! love the elmo. hehe

  3. Looks awesome!Makes me motivated to redo ours.Uh, can you come over and do it for us?=)Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your bathroom looks pretty awesome! There's nothing fancy nor extravagant. It's just a simple and typical bathroom that was made pretty by using the right colors and decors to make everything subtle, but still, it looks amazing!


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