Monday, August 23, 2010

It gets this remodel moving again...

We started smashing, tearing and undoing our second bathroom about...
oh boy, a month ago now...

...time sure flies when you have a DIY remodel to procrastinate doing finish up.

Naturally, I knew we needed a little nudge to get us going past the initial destruction clean up, so I decided to plan a little soiree this weekend with a few of our closest friends. As the guest list approached 40, we realized that
  1. I really can't only invite a few people to anything
  2. We couldn't have everyone peeing in our bushes, so we had no choice but to roll up our sleeves and get to work!
Turns out that this whole cram the remodel into one week, but get to work on it together thing is actually so much more fun than dragging it out over months and months and months like we did with our master bathroom.

Plus, since it's all we get to do until the party I had the idea to document our step by step progress and share the behind the scene "how to" details of the remodel with all of you!

Before we begin, let's take one last, long, nauseating look at the original baby blue walls and light pink tile bathroom...
What were these previous owners thinking?

So long Baby Blue!

And three cheers to the hopes of a new bathroom by Friday!

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