Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Mr. Fix It Long Sleeve Tee

If you can break it, you should learn to fix it!

That's right. It's a hard knock life in DIY land.

We start 'em young.

And to prove my point I er... made a long sleeve shirt with tools on it?

Ok, not you're buying it. I don't blame you.

But we do try to let the kids tinker a little with us while we're working on home improvement and craft projects. Jonah is a mean chewer of screw drivers and you should see Sienna sew a button! At 2 years old, I'm just really impressed she gets the needle through the hole. Needle! Yikes! Don't worry, she has a child's plastic one she plays with under close supervision by me while intensely absorbed in my own sewing nearby :)

Ok, ok, enough with the jokes. We're happy to admit that we're trying to force encourage our kids to get into on our hobbies too. And naturally, we get a huge kick out of dressing them for the part.

Hence the real motivation for the cute little long sleeve tool man t-shirt!

With a little saw, hammer, nut, bolt, and carpenter's square on it.

I used the same pattern and instructions for my new pajamas that you can check out here to make this long sleeve shirt out of an old t-shirt.
I made this one even easier by cutting out the existing neck from the old t-shirt to use as ribbing for the neckline instead of making my own.

Instead of ribbing for the sleeves and finishing the bottom of the shirt like I did for the pajamas I simply cut the pattern for the body and sleeves along the original t-shirt hemming.

Easy peasy!

I free handed the tools for the applique and sewed them onto the front of the shirt before sewing the sides together.
It's hard to tell in these pictures, but I straight stitched the saw blade a 1/4 away from the edge so it will fray slightly in the wash and look like a real blade!

I think the little tool man was so excited to get something made for him that he was more than willing to pose for a photo op.

He actually got quite into it.

Should I stand like this? With the one leg out?

How about if I turn slightly like this?

Hand up with a slight smile gazing past you in the distance??

No, no, that's too much.

How about this?

Wait, is that a bug over there?!!

Can we be done now?

He did good. It's hard to bribe a 10 month old for very long....

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