Monday, September 27, 2010

long sleeve rock star tee

We're not too high on the originality scale here, but with all the girly sewing I've been doing I figured it was only fair to throw in a quickie for the little guy too!

And, besides, who doesn't love a blondie with a tight guitar skirt on??

I roughly free-handed the guitar silhouette and left the edges raw, so they could curl up for a kind of rustic, old guitar tee shirt look....



ooooh now you see where I was going...


I used one of my old stretchy tees from the Target clearance rack for the shirt sleeves and applique. Then I cut up a truly
Old Navy blue tank top that I couldn't even get over my shoulders anymore for the body.

I love the baseball tee spin on my basic pajama top pattern that made it look like an everyday long sleeve.

I made sure to cut the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt along the original tee-shirt hem, so I saved a step in the hemming process!

Turns out that moments after I dressed the model for his photo op his generous sister offered him a stashed away animal cookie from her pocket... and well, you can imagine how lovely the new shirt looked after his first nibble.

So you'll have just to imagine the mini guitar hero in his rockin' new shirt until it comes out of the wash...


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