Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We like our summers HOT!

And it's a darn good thing we do living in a desert and all, because you pretty much have hot or hotter around here.
But fortunately, we've learned a trick or two about hiding from the hot sun and I realized that I haven't said much at all about all the fun we've been having!

So here's a little of what we've been up to at all hot summer long:

Jonah discovered his first watermelon love again and again.

Sienna reconnected with hers, and I say reconnected because I think she is partially made out of that stuff after I ate a couple lbs of watermelon a day in my first trimester with her! You think I'm kidding don't you? We're talking seriously a couple lbs a day!

When we weren't eating watermelon, we ventured off into the wild for some camping with good friends

and cows...

Yes, Big Betsy over here was trying to win us over with her delicious smelling pies, but eventually she decided to mooove on.

And where there is camping there are lake side adventures to be found....
and some hanging around if you bug daddy just enough.

When we had enough of the great outdoors, we tried to clean up for romantic desert garden strolls...
Ok...maybe not romantic, but relaxing and full of family fun!

Speaking of family fun, we couldn't forget about the many pool parties, bbqs and love to go around.
"Eh, another hug is fine I suppose..." Sienna's a big hugger...

And of course, we made sure all of our guests were properly acquainted with Bulls Eye the turtle raft.
When it was too hot for even swimming, we weren't exactly unhappy to teach Sienna about one of the most delightful summer treats of all. We stole her away where the AC is set to freezing and the butter comes with a side of popcorn- we took her to her first movie!

Last, but not least, and maybe it's just the ridiculous faces or the fact that I don't have to cook, but one of my favorite summer treats so far might just have to be goofy dinner nights with dad on the town! a restaurant of his pick...
In n' Out.... no cooking... silly husband entertaining our kids....
hum...I'll take it!

Yes, it has been a good summer. Yes it has!

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