Monday, September 20, 2010

Thrifty Goodness!

I had such a good thrift store weekend that I couldn't help showing off some of my new loves!

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your imagination on how deliciously adorable Jonah will be in this...

Complete with a little black bow tie

Price tag- $15
(Original tags say it retailed for $75!)

Then I stumbled upon just the perfect thing to really make the girls "ooooh and aaah"...

Price tag- $1


That's a S.T.E.A.L

The catch....

The shoes are size 7 and Jonah is currently a size 3 maybe 4 with thick socks....

But the good news for that is that the tux is ironically also a little too big by almost the same factor...

But hey, at least they'll both fit just right at the same time!

Then on Sunday.... just when you were thinking why buy something a year too big??

Ooooh baby, just wait for this part!!

On Sunday I decided to browse around one of my other favorite 2nd hand baby shops and found this:
Size: 12 months!

Just. right.

Price tag: FREE!

Ok, ok, fine, not technically free I suppose. I sold a bunch of stuff on consignment there and snagged this one for $2.49 worth of credit, which is pretty darn close to free for tux pants and a vest. And pretty much free, because I still don't really believe someone actually bought some of the clothes I took there, so I'd say I more than doubled my gain :)

Now, it gets even better.... I brought it all home and tried it on the little stud and I definitely think I'll be able to temporarily hem the tux jacket to fit now, but still be able to take it back out to fit him again later!

So why all the formal wear? We have a wedding to go to soon and what better time to show off your kids?!

So yes, he will be able to sport the dapper digs to the big day... weeee heee heee!!

Watch out Mr. Groomy.... he'll be a sight for your bride's sore eyes!!

I mean, yes, he'll... uh... wear something modest, humble and quiet.... like his mother's personality.

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