Monday, April 26, 2010

Forget Me Knot

That's what I'm hoping my Forget Me Knot top will be for Rae's Spring Top 2010 contest I'm doing!!
The competition is pretty stiff, but I'm hoping that my own design for my Forget Me Knot top will be unforgettable (hehe) enough for people to at least come check it out!

It's so hard for me to find clothes that fit me! Tops are always too short or just right everywhere else but too big in that one important region. So when I do find one that I love, I covet it so much that I end up hardly wearing it. Meet one of my top 10 favorite Spring and Summer shirts, "Ole' blue" -->

Maybe I'm the only one who is this ridiculous, but I find myself thinking

"Oh no, I can't wear my favorite shirt today, because then it'll be dirty and what if I end up having somewhere special to go later this week and then what would I wear??"

I know, doesn't pass the logic test, but hey, admitting you have a problem is the first step. The second step for me was learning how to sew, so that I can just make myself another shirt just like my favorite one anytime!

There are many things I cherish about "Ole' blue," such as comfort, fit and most importantly for us baby factories- ADJUSTABLITY! I love ties on the side that allow you to make it as tight or loose as you like. I can wear this beauty for a few months into my pregnancies and anytime after.

Adjustablity became my motto when drafting up sketches for this Forget Me Knot top. In addition to adding some much need color to my collection with leftover fabric from my Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah skirt, I decided to take the adjustablity a step further and incorporate it into the sleeves as well!

I also added elastic under the gathering at the bust, so that it can easily be used as a maternity shirt down the road, but doesn't always have to look like one. My husband liked that part :)

Now THIS is my new favorite top! I know what you're thinking... but *knot* to worry, it's just way to comfortable not to wear it all the time!!!


  1. I am really impressed. And you though I was good a sewing. I think you passed me. Have a pattern?

  2. i loove that top! super cute. and I totally do that with my favorite shirts...what if I need to wear it later in the week? ;)

  3. I already commented in the Spring Top Pool, but I had to come check out your blog. This top is really cute! I know what you mean about not wanting to wear your favorite shirt. I love the matching skirt that you made with this fabric too. And I definitely have to try out the hubby tee refashion. Good Luck in the competition! I need to go finish my last entry!

  4. Love it! Do you have a pattern you'd be willing to share?

    katylmoss at gmail dot com

  5. Love your top - great fabric combination and great design. Congrats of making the finals!

  6. Thanks everyone!! I do have a pattern and tutorial that I'm working on... stay tuned!!!

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