Friday, April 9, 2010

Those booties have his name written all over them!

Ok, maybe just his initials

I'm so excited about this tutorial I found for little baby booties that I did the only natural thing there was to do- I dropped everything and ran to my sewing machine!

You wouldn't believe me if I told you how quick and easy these little guys are to sew. We're talking under 2 hours tops! With each trace and snip I couldn't help but dream of all the adorable fabric that I would love to buy to make more of these. I almost didn't post this, because I just know some of my preggers are going to die when they see these and wouldn't it be so much cuter to surprise them with it as a shower gift?? Maybe they'll just act surprised :)

I only used what I had on hand for this project... a few fabric scraps from the Easter outfits, wool felt for the sole, about 18 in of 1/4 in elastic and a little time. All Mommies know the last one isn't easy to come by and this week it wasn't something I was really suppose to have. All this in consideration, it's only fair to take a moment to thank my little helpers for making this possible.

First and foremost, my little Sienna for doing my chores for me while I sewed instead.

And second, the little sailor who sat patiently waiting for his new digs.

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