Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tiny steps

There is something about tiny feet that are so lovable and cute!

Maybe it’s because everyone who has had the misfortune of seeing my squirrely feet know they are not my best feature, but let me tell you Sienna’s perfect little feet were seriously one of my absolute favorite parts about her when she was born! I couldn’t get enough of those 10 little toes and soft little arches. Oh, it was love at first kick!

The novelty of tiny feet didn’t completely fade when Jonah was born, and in fact, it was his adorable (but slightly squirrely in the same way as his momma’s) tiny feet that finally moved me to do this kid friendly art project for the nursery.

In honor of their hard work and contribution in making this masterpiece, I promised Sienna and Jonah that I'd give an ode to their precious little feet in this post.

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