Friday, April 30, 2010

A Rose in my Tee Garden

I'm going to join most moms in America and say it,

But what I really, really love are their 50% and 75% off racks??! Check out this "crushed" pink t-shirt I scored for $2!!!

In case my husband, who was waiting patiently in the car while I "quickly" ran in to "just grab some pool towels and nothing else" is actually reading this, I know I was on strict in-and-out orders, but this hardly counts it was such a steal. What else would any normal woman do? Plus, isn't it only natural that the last entry for Rae's Spring Top Week contest from Subtle-Tee should be a tee refashion? I think so. All I have to say is good thing I buttered him up with our shredded pork this week, or he might make me wait in the car next time!

Besides the cost and the great "crushed" rosey pink color, this poor shirt didn't have much going for it. It was a few sizes too big and very wide at the bottom....

...the perfect combination for a little low waist shirring.

Also, the extra size gave me plenty of room to trim off the neck and the ends in order to get a enough fabric for some ruffle lining along the collar that I liked on a bunch of other, much-more-than-$2 Target Tees.

Last, but not least, I've been anxiously waiting for the perfect excuse to sew a top with rouched sleeves and what better opportunity than this?

Because the shirt was so big, the sleeves were still slightly long and loose, so I threw in a single row of shirring or rouching right down the center of each sleeve.

I had so much fun designing on the fly, and couldn't stop day dreaming of all the tee refashioning possibilities! Not surprisingly, the last minute spin on the sleeves ended up being one a really great touch and totally brought it all together.

Viola!!! Here it is:

Now this beautiful rosy pink tee has a new feminine twist that is more fitting of its color and naturally gives way to its name- A Rose in my Tee Garden.


  1. I am truely impressed. This is awesome.

  2. love this! I can't wait to be done with this pregnancy and refashion some cute clothes!

  3. Jess this looks great! I would seriously pay $30 for that shirt at Banana. Success! :)


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