Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Showered with love

The biggest project we've ever tackled on our house was most definitely the master bathroom and shower. When we bought the house we knew we would have to end up replacing the stand up shower and eventually re-tile throughout. "Eventually" turned out to be a more of an "immediately" when we discovered there was dry rot behind the cracked wall and roman tub.

Here's a before picture:

This is what we did:

1. Painted the walls with Gobi Desert (Home Depot color).

2. Built a frame for the mirror (It's not shown here, but we also replaced an old corner medicine cabinet mirror with a new one).

3. Replaced the toilet with a new energy efficient one.

4. Gave the existing vanity a face lift by painting the cabinets Dark Chocolate (Home Depot color).

5. Rebuilt the window frame after ripping it out to clean out the dry rot behind the shower and tub.
6. Rebuilt the shower from the foundation out including insulation and dry wall. During this process we also lengthened the shower to meet the edge of the tub. One of my favorite new features! Finally room to shave in the shower!

7. Replaced the glass door with custom made door. We didn't make the door, but Kevin did install it :)

8. Rerouted the piping through the attic so we could install a rain shower falling from the ceiling!! A must for such a tall family :)
9. Painted and replaced all floor boards.

10. Built a new support system for the tub and finished it with tiling to match the shower. The tiling we selected was a ceramic tile with a marble decorative boarder.

11. Tiled the floor. Sounds like such a small statement, but you have NO idea how much goes into that... I tip my hats to all tile layers out there.

Are you ready for the after shots yet????!!!
Drum roll please....

Ok, you can only drag it out so long on a webpage, when I'm sure you've already scrolled all the way down anyway :) Tis, tis, you shouldn't cheat!


Click here if you want to see more before pictures of the house.


  1. Looks great! Amazing what alittle paint on a vanity can do.

  2. wow! gorgeous...we're "working" on our hall bathroom. Which means the tile's sitting in the garage waiting for us to have a free saturday. lol!


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