Monday, March 15, 2010

Sew blessed

It sounds ridiculous, but there are a few things I've always desperately wanted in life. One of them was to be just a tiny bit shorter, but since that's not very likely I consider myself indescribably blessed to already have most of my other prayers answered!

The first and probably greatest wish in my life was to find my Mr. Hot Stuff, get married and get started on growing our little family. Done and doing... But the other little dream I should fill you in on was that I also always secretly wanted to be like our mothers and grandmothers and make handmade, and yes, sometimes matching clothes for my many babies. Picture a remake of the Sound of Music. Well... once the first act got rolling I realized that having babies and having them considerably close together left me with 1) not a lot of time and 2) even less money. So I had to get creative!

I started scrounging the house and even digging through my husband's "bachelor clothes" drawer for anything I could sneak away to my sewing stash.

When Kevin threatened to use our nice guest towels (and his Jedi powers) to wash the car if I didn't leave his t-shirts alone I had to find another way.

Lucky for me our son had just been born and was too young to covet, let alone have any yucky hole-ridden bachelor clothes, but what he did have instead was a fresh box of hand-me-downs that I had been collecting for the past 9 months. Not surprisingly, I found a bunch of practically brand new outfits sprinkled with random baby type stains. I get it, I'd been there with our first. With your first baby everyone loves buying you newborn outfits, so much so that you end up with more newborn clothes than days for the child to wear them. Naturally, when one outfit gets a little stain you're more likely to toss it in the another-man's-treasure bag than you are by the time they are less cute and less purchased for by others.

The abandoned onsies were the answer to my prayers. I started making little appliques to cover the stains and voila a practically new onsies with a handmade twist! I was hooked.

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  1. Dear Lord is that tshirt from when he was ten? cuz it looks like it fit him 20 years ago!! haha kev like that 30 year plug!!!hahah


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