Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everyone knows that kids grow like weeds

But did you know their shirts can too?!

This was a cute little Le Top dragonfly tee that was given to Sienna when she was 9 months. Unfortunately, my long-torso-mini-me didn't end up wearing it too often, because it was always a tad short on her. Have no fear, nothing goes to waste at our house! This little tee lived in our hand-me-down tub until a few days ago when I came across this adorable green polka dot fabric... It's funny how things are just meant to be even with fabric and abandoned kid's clothes!

You're probably thinking that it's a day late and a dollar short since my daughter is now 2 years old, the dragonfly shirt is for an infant and I started this by saying that kids grow like weeds, so something doesn't work here!

That was what I thought at first until I re-discovered the shirt's super wide neck line that I was able to open up just a tinsy bit more, which was plenty to fit over her head and shoulders. 9 month into a 24 month tee!! I LOVE IT!

The shirt was still short, which is where I got to use my new fabric to add extra length on the bottom. I also wanted a little more width, so I lightly ruffled the top of the fabric piece before sewing it to the tee. This created a nice flair without dominating and already busy shirt. Last, but certainly not least, I added a simple little birdie applique to tie it all in!


  1. Love how you displayed the short. Really cute idea.

  2. Jess,
    Love what you have done with the le top tee!!! Its super nice when great quality (ok i am little partial since I work for them)clothing can be extended for the same child and not just passed down!!! Way to make that cute tee even cuter!!!!


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