Thursday, March 25, 2010

Watch my sheep tee

I feel a little sheepish (I couldn't help it!) about borrowing this adorable lamb pattern from a pillow idea by The Purl Bee, but was just too perfect! I've been wanting to do a lamb or sheep applique for the longest time and wasn't sure how to make it white, but still pop off the shirt and then I came across the pillows yesterday and couldn't wait for nap time to try it on a shirt! The simplicity is cute yet elegant and I just can't get enough of the little ear popping out.

Who wouldn't want to watch over their sheep in this number!?


  1. I love watching over that lamb! What a cutie, I can't believe how big he seems to have gotten in just three weeks or so!!!
    Love the sheep applique, it is super cute!!!

  2. Thank you! I've been looking for a lamb applique for my granddaughter's Easter Egg Hunt outfit. This will be perfect.


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