Thursday, March 18, 2010

Every Jonah needs a whale tee

Whale shirt that is!

When you decide to name your son Jonah you're just opening yourself up for all the whale jokes you can imagine. And...secrectly...I loved it! Whales are cute and quite peaceful about their size, plus there are worse things to be called. Like if you named your daughter Betsy (the cow)... I'll take a little white whale on the go.

The day after a holiday is the perfect time to stock up on shirts for this kind of project. Good-bye St. Patty's day clover, hello baby beluga!

Using an abandoned onsies? Perfect! You can easily resize the body of the whale to cover up any awarkardly shaped stains.

This is one of the easiest and quickest appliques I've done so far. And adorably cute even if you're baby's name isn't Jonah :)


  1. jess I am so glad you put this one up. I just LOVE it!!!! I love that you are so creative in recycling clothes too! Who would have thought to keep a stained onsie and throw a quick stiched applique over it....only you!!! Fantastic idea!

  2. Thanks!! I knew you'd be my biggest fan :)


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