Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's a bird... it's a plane... no its....


Toothman, single-handily fighting pains against teething and sore gums one teether at a time!

Flying through the nursery with his trusty baby orajel both day and night, Toothman won't rest until he soothes the crankiest of tots, the druelist of druelers and the suckiest of fist suckers.

He may be small, he may be made of fleece and wool, but one thing's for sure, babies everywhere can't get their gums clamped down on his legs fast enough!

Join us at the swing of one tiny teether as we learn more about the nail gnawing (because we can't chew yet) adventures with Toothman. Watch as the infant points to his troubled gums just when Toothman flies upon the scene!

Skeptical of the tooth hero, he looks to his 2 year old sister for her worldly advice. "I do what with this thing?" he says with his stare....

The teether takes the plunge!

Just moments later he briefly releases his gummy grasp to coo with relief, "Oooh, that is better! Thank you Toothman!!"

As quickly as he came, Toothman dashes away with the brush of a tooth to his medicine cabinet enclave patiently waiting until he is called again to fight the tooth no matter how much the tooth hurts...

Toothman- product of Mommy's desperate attempt at soothing her teething baby. He comes fully equipped with baby tooth storage beneath his cape strategically designed for seeking revenge on the Lost Teeth once they are ready to fall out. Not to worry, Toothman's adventures only begin with soothing a teething teether. This Super Tooth solemly swears to protect all Lost Teeth until they are safely exchanged for money underneath the child's pillow for the remainder of their tooth losing years.

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