Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've forbidden myself to work on any new projects until my huge Patio Make-Over is complete.

You know what that is called?

And I could sure use an extra dose right about now, so I'm sticking to it! Now, I'm sure you all will understand how desperate times calls for desperate measures right? And I know that you've all used a Sesame Street episode or two to get you through some deadlines in the past... I mean, who hasn't been a teensy preoccupied while their little darlings played along side??

During my briefest moment of preoccupation while trying to get before-shots of the patio project, I realized I've been listening to silence for too long and turned around to this picture... (Literally, since I had my camera in hand)

Me- "What are you doing, Sweetheart?"

Sienna thinks to herself "Don't make eye contact and she won't see you." Do yours pull that too?

Me- "Sienna, Mommy asked you what you're doing. Are you supposed to be picking in Mommy's garden?"

Sienna- "Uh oh Mommy, what happened?" (Go on just keep playing the innocent card here... how does she already know this??)

Me- "Where did you get those?"

Sienna- "Right there!!"

Me- "Those aren't ready to eat yet. They're still too little, they might be yucky. It makes Mommy sad when you pick in the garden without asking." (She does this often).

Sienna- "Sorry Mommy, I go timeout"

And this is what I discovered when she walked over to the swing to put herself in "timeout"

Looks like she'd been at this one for a while...

The question is who is really the busted one here me or her???


  1. That's so cute. You must have been trying hard not to laugh. You can't tell a kid off for eating vegetables!

  2. I know! That was the worst part! I could barely keep a straight face... She really loves vegetables and those carrots must have been calling her name all morning.

  3. I wish Jimmy would send himself to timeout! I would let him pick all our sad little carrots if he would do that!

  4. OMgoodness! so cute and funny

  5. Ohno. She's a smart one though, chose a good tasty spot for a timeout.


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