Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ring pillows

One of my good friends (who I've known since 5th grade!) is getting married this weekend and asked me to be a bridesmaid and wear this beautiful dress from J. Crew

Um... YES and YES!

As if I wasn't excited enough for the wedding she called me a few weeks ago and ask me to make ring pillows for her two bearers. What an honor! I was flattered and oooh so excited.

My guidelines:
Create his and her ring pillows
Colors must be brown, pink and ivory
Fabric must be satin
She also wanted a border on the pillows, but not trim or fringe.

GOT it! Ready, set, go!

I started seeking inspirations since we didn't have a ring bearer at our wedding, I honestly wasn't even sure what size they should be.... so I thought of the one lady who was bound to have some ideas for this type of thing, Martha Stewart! Yup, she sure did!

Some were outside of my guidelines for this round, but this one is definitely bookmarked for my sister's wedding (whenever that might be... no pressure...cough, wink, hehe).

So doggone cute!

After drooling over them for a few days and wishing I had thought to make more stuff for my own wedding... I decided on the pleats, which I thought would look best with my satin fabric.

Maybe it was the practice for all my patio cushions, but deciding what kind of pillow to make took 10 times longer than actually making these. I'd say 2 hours start to finish for both of them, and that was mostly marking, ironing and sewing so many pleats. There's a tutorial here for how to do the pleated pillow that I loosely followed.

Hers- in pink with a brown border and bow

His- in ivory with a brown border and bow

Together, they'll be music to the heart

Does anybody else wish they could get married all over again? To the same man of course! I just love planning for weddings... everything about it!

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  1. You totally deserve your blog award. You have put so much effort into this and it clearly shows. Just as the effort does in your work. These pillows are so beautiful. Your pictures make them even more elegant. The bride should be plenty happy and even a bit bummed she did not ask you to do more for her.


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