Monday, May 10, 2010

Psst... here's a sneak peak my next HUGE project!

Friends, I'd like you to meet our new patio furniture

These deck dwellers may have seen their better days. Their arms and legs might have a "few" age spots, their cushions are a "little" tattered, but deep down somewhere there is a whole lot of outdoor sitting left to be had and we are on a mission to find it!!

In case you couldn't tell, we never take the easy way out of anything here at the Subtle Tee household.

Naturally, instead of buying brand new patio furniture to complete our outdoor remodeling project we decided on this "vintage" 6 piece set plus a free (if that doesn't say enough) swing we somehow acquired.

The "slightly" tattered cushions on our "vintage" set and the lack thereof for our swing have happily made their way into my hall of fame for one of the biggest sewing projects I've ever taken on.

The countdown for new cushions has begun.....

5 1/2 cushions down and 6 1/2 to go!!

It won't be easy, it sure won't be quick, but luckily I think it will be a lot more fun if I get to share all about it with you!!

To be continued.....

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