Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Woohoo!!! VOTE FOR ME!

Have you ever seen the Disneyland commercial with the little boy who is in bed with his sister and says in the cutest voice ever, "I'm too excited to sleep"?? Well, that's me tonight!

I'm too excited to sleep!!!

I just found out that the judges from the Spring Top Week contest that I entered selected my Shiver Me Chic top as one of the final 60!!

It is such an honor for me to have even made the first cut among SO many beautiful and truly inspiring tops. A huge thank you to Rae and to all of the judges for the hard working involved in putting on this contest! I've had such a blast so far.

You simply MUST stop by and check some of the tops. And while you're at it, of course you can vote for my shirt starting at 7 am May 5, 2010 too (hint, hint, wink, wink)!!!

Simply click on this link to vote.
You can vote on a new batch of 12 every day this week.
My Shiver Me Chic top will only be open for voting for this round for 24 hours starting at 7am on May 5th and then one shirt from each day will make it to the final round... the competition is STIFF, so I'm sure I'll really need your vote (eeeee!! so exciting!)

I should warn you, even looking at these tops will get your mind racing with creativity! This contest has literally gotten me dreaming about new ideas I want to try and I love every second of it! You know, I think was Rae's sneaky plan all along....

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