Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For Your Little Angel

You can't help but love newborn babies. There is simply something so blissfully angelic and pure about them that you can almost see the little guardian angel wings covering their backs.

But just in case you need a little help...

I just had to make one for our friends' newest babies this Little Angel Wing tee for his baptism this weekend!(Don't worry, just a teensy little break from my no-new-projects rule that it hardly count! Plus, I've been working so diligently on big project that I figured I deserved a break).

I thought I'd spice it up with a little extra cross on the front too. Kind of reminds me of the Lacrosse Alligator or something :)

I couldn't decide on blue bow or no bow. Suggestions?

Mr. Subtle Tee said no bow but it's hard to take his opinion seriously, because he was impatiently waiting for me to finish so we could leave for a party... whether he said no bow, because it was better or because he wanted me to hurry is a tough call. I left it off this time, but I think it could've been a nice touch. Maybe I'll do it for a girl's one instead.

Any other good ideas for baptism gifts??


  1. I say bow, possibly yellow or green. Then of course try the traditional blue and pink. So your wings, cross and bow should all be the same color. That way you can give to someone as a new baby gift that can be used as a baptism gift too

  2. i like the bow but will it stay tied or just get in the way?

    as for other baptism know you could probably make one of those comfy crosses yourself (like the one we gave you?)

  3. The bow is sewn on, so it can't come untied :)


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