Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Framed in black

Because almost everything seems newer in all black!

Since we've been using our fair share of black paint these days I decided to quietly toss in one teensy extra item on the spray pad while we were doing our patio furniture :) I'm so sneaky, Mr. Painter hardly noticed!

We've had this pine color room divider frame for so long, just standing all alone in our garage waiting for some love and renovation. And... also a little motivating kick to get our guest room/sewing room presentably decorated for all the family coming into town.

You'd think since it's mostly my sewing room I'd take the time to decorate, but until I realized that this would give my crafty stuff a secret hiding place (away from 2 year olds) I wasn't in a hurry.

Once I discovered the potential, I couldn't believe how easy of a fixer uper this would be! 10 seconds later it was off with the screws for ol' framey!

Smoothed off with my trusty sander....

And all ready to meet the Painter!

Which actually got to be me this time!! Either I finally proved myself or the Mr. Painter was too sick of painting and caught me trying to sneak in my project too :)

Either way, I got to test out the sprayer, so I win!! It is everything I hoped it would be and more, and by more I mean honestly, a tad bit harder to use than I expected... but shhhh I played it off like I was a pro ;)

The hardest part of this upcycle was deciding on only 15 pictures to put in the frame!

So I did the only reasonable thing I could...
I printed extra, so I could change them out depending on who was visiting!

Just a little hostess tip I learned from my other mother, who, for the longest time, I thought only had pictures of my family in her house!

Sounds odd at first and almost a little insincere-ish, but if you stop and think about it... Don't you love visiting people and seeing that they keep printed pictures of you in frames??

I got laughed at for it, but I think it's a nice touch :)


  1. Haha love how you can switch them out depending on who's visiting. Great idea. and Yes black is much better with the black and white pictures. Go lady!

  2. I love black everything too. I want to repaint my dining table black (JImmy drew Sharpie all over it and even though it was black, you can still see it), I also want to paint my desk black, my front door black, and a large stalk pile of frames. My sister used to have the same sort of picture stand that she was always going to do something with, but never did. I wonder if she still has it? If so I will be copying you sometime soon. Also, I love the idea of changing pictures depending on who is visiting. I try to keep the most important people well represented, but our families are just to big! One of my next projects is to fill the whole hall with frames. We'll see when I get around to that. Wow, this was a really long comment so I will stop.

  3. Don't stop!! I love comments of any length :)

    Copy away!

    I really, really need to print more pictures in general. I'd love to do a picture wall in our hall way. Maybe that could be a craft playdate- designing a picture wall. I have a mini collage that I made in our playroom and it was harder than I thought to coordinate sizes etc.

  4. It looks wonderful! I have a smaller version of this that I should redo!

  5. I love this! I just started following you. I agree - a black coating makes everything look new!


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