Thursday, May 6, 2010

I heart MOM

And what better way to show the world than "tattooed" on one of the cutest bottoms I know!?

6 months ago I had absolutely no idea just how madly in love I'd be with this little snugglebug! Maybe it's something between mothers and their sons, but he just always seems to know just what I need to brighten my day.

On the very day of my birthday this year he giggled for the very first time and doesn't want to stop ever since!

For Mother's day this week he said "Mama" for the first time!!
(the jury is out on whether he knows I'm Mama, but he sure says it loud and clear when he wants to be held...)
Does it count?? IF not, let's just pretend it does until Mother's day is over : )

He is ALWAYS, and I mean always up for a good bear hug.

So it just seemed natural that I'd lend him a helping hand in making me what I really wanted from him for his first Mother's Day--- A cute Mom Tattoo Applique that I've been waiting to make him since we heard the words It's-A-Boy!

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  1. Oh my gosh that is awesome! He is getting so big!!!


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