Monday, May 17, 2010

How to add a clickable image to your blog

I have a confession to make and I would like to partially blame my overly type A personality for this. Don't laugh at me, but...

I get silly excited over new discoveries related to cleaning and organization!!!

There, I said it! I do! I can't help it. Check out this new tip I learned to organize my bloggy blog with clickable images!

We've all seen the regular images like the one below...

And you've probably noticed that the normal html code you get when you upload an image like this one for the ZIP-dee-doo-dah skirt looks like this:

< herf="">

But obviously with your picture in it :)

Now if you want readers to be able to click on your image and pop back to the post for the skirt like this clickable image below:

john cenaAll you have to do is change the html code to something like this:

< href=""> < src="" alt="" border="0">

Feel free to copy and paste this code in your post to try it out, but don't forget to change the following or your post will link back to my blog :)

  • Change the target: In this code the subtle-tee.blogspot etc is my target url, so when you copy this into your post you want to replace this with your desired target url.
  • Change the image: The image url is the flickr address that you'll replace with the url for your image.
  • You can also change the dimensions of your picture by altering the pxs.

Go ahead an try it :) Click on second picture to go to my post for the Zip-dee-doo-dah skirt!

This html stuff is getting a less and less scary each day!! Now, my next quest is to figure out how to get images on BOTH sidebars. Does anyone know??

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