Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Extra Crinkley Scarf

For my favorite Mother of all Mothers...

My Mom (of course!)

When I saw the lovely crinkle scarf that Disney made from Ruffles and Stuff I just knew it would be the perfect gift for my mom.

A scarf in the summer you ask?? Yes! Out here in the wild, wild southwest they crank up the AC every where you go so that you don't know whether to wear your Eskimo boots or flip flops!

Perfect solution:
Crinkle scarfs that you can crumble up in the bottom of your bag!!

Disney's instructions and pictures were so easy to follow it took me less than 5 minutes to sew this little number.

What did take f-0-r-e-v-e-r and kept me from making one for everyone I know that very same night was pulling out all the little horizontal threads to fray the bottom. After the first fray I wised up and plopped down in front of The Sound of Music. How could belting out musicals with Julie Andrews make anything seem like work??

Also, I'm so excited to tell you about this part....

I decided to put my own little spin on it and added an extra section of fabric to each end. Then, I had the idea to make a casing and sew a thin piece of elastic through to create an extra crinkled look and also add more dimension. It ends up giving the scarf tons of depth and "pop" once you wrap it around your neck.

What do you think of the little new twist??

The other exciting discovery I had with the project were felt rosettes!!


For how ever long it took me to pull the strings out of the scarf I got back by how quickly I busted out more of these flowers than would be wise to admit.

My Mom really loved them, because it basically meant a 2-in-1 Mother's Day gift. Instead of sewing the rosettes onto the scarf itself, I decided to make them into a broach, so she could choose to keep it on the scarf or throw it on another blouse. As my other-mother, also know as my dear aunt would say- Oooh NIFTY! And yes, it is :)

Thanks for everything you do, Mom!

Tiiiiiny disclaimer... sorry for the boring pictures. I was so excited to give this to my mom that I forgot to snap shots of the scarf before I wrapped it and then didn't want to unwrap it, so I decided to wait until Mom opened it. Of course I wouldn't have time to get the perfect shot then?! Silly me.


  1. Beautiful picture of the two of you
    beautiful boutique worthy scarf

  2. Cute scarf. You got patience girl to do all the fringe. I made my mom a scarf too! The rosettes are awesome and I love that you added them as a brooch option. I've got to make some of those nifty rosettes.

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    Kristie, do you have your scarf up on your blog?? I want to see!


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